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Living The Good Life Miami is different things to different people – however there is one thing that should be constant no matter what your view of The Good Life Miami is – your health. In an age where society relies more and more on science to fix our eating problems and laziness, there is one man leading the charge to tear down the walls of excuses and show people their true potential if they are focused and determined, that they too can have the “South Beach Bod” and his name is Shaun T.

Shaun T is the creator of a rigorous workout regimen. At the core of his program are high intensity workouts that you can do right in your home, without weights and without going to the gym! Shaun’s workout revolutionized at home fitness programs – paving the way for literally millions of people to challenge themselves and see the incredible transformations their bodies can go through. Just take a look at the video above and see for yourself!

Whether you’re a fitness junkie or you just need that little bit of inspiration to get up off the couch and start pushing your body to the limits, here’s your chance to workout with a world renowned fitness expert Shaun T! You MUST rsvp HERE as this is your registration.** This event is FREE so now you have ZERO EXCUSES!

**Please read the Facebook invite carefully. You must rsvp on the facebook invite then e-mail the e-mail address provided with your name.