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Gerry Kelly. A name that should be synonymous with Miami Beach and South Beach nightclubs and nightlife. Kelly came to the beautiful city of Miami in 1994 already having already established himself as a nightlife powerhouse in Ibiza (island off the coast of Spain.) At the beginning of the decade he opened Level – a mammoth nightclub in South Beach on Washington Avenue that literally redefined Miami nightlife. The club was 44,000 square feet which, at the time, was almost unheard of and has ultimately led the way for the next generations of Miami nightlife entrepreneurs to follow. He was also involved in other famous Miami nightclubs such as Bash, Shadow Lounge, Vivid, BarRoom and State among a few. Bottom line – he’s arguably the King of Miami nightlife.

On Saturday October 13th, the King will be at Q Lounge in South Beach – ironically about a quarter of a mile from his legendary nightclub Level. Welcome Gerry Kelly back to Miami with this event by Dream Team Marketing Group that starts with cocktails and finger foods at Q Lounge from 10 pm – 11pm and then stay afterwards for the real party. Get there before midnight and get free entry, otherwise you risk of being one of those people stuck outside of the club. DJ Ariel Assault will be in the Main Room and DJ AJ Reddy will be in the Crown Room, both spinning open format to keep the partygoers moving. Reservations are encouraged and you can do so by rsvp’ing to or calling 305-397-8056 or 305-766-9207. Head mixologist Thomas Merolla has also created a cocktail menu that is sure to please everyone, infusing his 16 years of experience in the bar scene into every cocktail. So on October 13th, let’s all raise our glasses to Miami nightclub pioneer Gerry Kelly and thank him by giving him a warm welcome at Q Lounge!