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CK Mondavi Pinot Grigio

     As we sat down for dinner last night, we decided to switch it up a little – instead of reviewing ANOTHER red wine, we decided to do a white, and we’re glad we did. Although the Mondavi family doesn’t have hundreds of years under their belt when it comes to wine making, they certainly have made strides in wine making that other long standing wineries have failed to achieve. With that said, we bring you this 2010 CK Mondavi Pinot Grigio.


Before opening the screw top bottle (which we love) you notice the color of the wine; a beautiful light golden wheat, which suggests this wine is a more mature Pinot Grigio than some of it’s counterparts. Upon pouring, you get nice undertones of flowers coupled with perfumed pear and mineral on the nose. The mineral and peach/pear combination becomes much more evident while you’re drinking it. The finish is very crisp with lingering mineral, pear and noticeable spice on the palate. Very well made & complex wine for the money.

RETAIL: Under $10



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